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First published in 1985 under the “Schneider Performance Group” at CSK Publishing in New York City,

Cars Illustrated was as raw and real as the city it grew out of.  The original staff wrote stories about active street racing in NYC.  Largely, this magazine was the source for street racing information in the 80s and early 90s.  Remember folks, this was pre-internet.  Cars Illustrated had car features and great tech articles, but it was always about street racing and going fast in a straight line.  Always with an eye toward low buck performance.  What they became best known for was their wild new car tests – always on the street with real street racing action.  Once Cars Illustrated got done with a car, you knew how it would stack up against any other new car as well as “the local competition”. 

For more, check out our details History section [coming soon!] for an issue-by-issue description of what each issue had packed inside its covers.  While Cars Illustrated only lasted twelve short issues, its mysterious legacy continues.  With printed car magazines so rare these days (and good ones even rarer), we can’t help but think of simpler times when one magazine stood above all others.  It was a little magazine out of New York, with writers who didn’t care who they offended, and wild street racing action to cover.

You can help continue the Cars Illustrated legacy by sharing this site with your friends and buying a few reprints or a T-shirt.  Of course, you can also just drop us a note with what you are looking for.  With your help, we’ll do what we can to help keep the good times rolling.