VIDEO: Frank Hawley Drag Racing School Experience


If you have not had the opportunity to attend Frank Hawley Drag Racing School then this video will give you a great insight into what the school has to offer. Frank and his entire team will help you navigate the process of learning to drive everything from a Super-Gas Firebird to their Funny-Car programs.

More important is what you can learn from Frank himself – his insights into life, the way we think and act and the way you can learn to drive a race car and along the way fix and improve things in your life is so valuable it should be cast in pure gold.

What we learned from Frank and his team will be with us for a lifetime and if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his classes – please do, if you pay attention to all the things beyond the car and the driving you will learn so much about yourself and your life.

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– the Janitor


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