Track Torque: Factory Race Cars


So you’re one of the lucky ones, maybe you won the lottery, maybe a long lost relative left you his baseball card collection and you cashed them in…maybe you’re just in a tax bracket most of us just are not in….how ever you got to own one of the three cars below all we want is a chance to drive it….

But here at Cars Illustrated all are welcome who has the lust to go faster in the quarter mile, but in just about every circumstance that takes hard work and MONEY – but there’s the question to be asked – if you had the money, which one? Now before the hate mail and arguments start lets just make it a simple “which one and why?”

Go to our forum page – sign up, log onto the Cars Illustrated News (it’s the first forum topic) and tell us your opinion of these factory hot rods and which one would be in your garage.


Remaining true to its performance roots, the next-generation Mopar® Dodge Challenger Drag Pak is a factory-prepped package car specifically geared for drag racing. Built on the Dodge Challenger platform, the vehicle will come with the option of either the brand’s first-ever offering of a supercharged 354-cubic-inch Gen III HEMI® engine or a naturally aspirated 426-cubic-inch Gen III HEMI engine.


Like its predecessors, the new Cobra Jet is a factory-built race car that is legal for National Hot Rod Association Stock and Super Stock drag racing, as well as several classes in the International Hot Rod Association, National Mustang Racers Association and National Muscle Car Association. Also like its predecessors, the new Cobra Jet is limited to 50 units — making the 2016 edition among the most collectible Mustangs ever.


When the COPO concept was first shown at the 2011 SEMA Show, the overwhelming response inspired the decision for a limited, special-edition production run. Engines were assembled in Wixom, Mich., at the Performance Build Center, where the buyer could opt to participate in the engine assembly. The program has been so successful that it has been continued every year since. This year, 69 more COPO Camaros will be heading to the drag strip to carry on the tradition.


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