TECH: Lokar Shifter


To each their own I guess…that was what I said to myself as the owner of the 1968 Camaro that sits inside the shop told me he did not like the B&M Quater Stick that was currently mounted in-between the buckets seats.

“All I want to do is grab the shifter and click it into gear” was the follow up statement so I set out to find a worthy replacement. I had to think of what would be the right one. It would need to be easy to operate, easy to swap out and still look the part in what I would describe as a “Pro Touring Light/Weekend Drag Warrior” style car.

It was a easy choice…Lokar.

After a quick call with my friends at Lokar to explain the parts needed and what it was going to be installed in it was done and all I had to do is wait for the UPS guy to show up.

Now installing a shifter is not rocket science and I’m sure there will be someone out there saying “where is the hard core tech articles” but lokar6I take what I can get and report as I get a chance so here is the low down on how easy this was…

First thing was to unbolt the existing shifter and cable form the floor and 4L60E to start fresh. Knowing that I would be doing some lokar5modifications to the floor I grabbed a fender cover and draped it over the dash just to be safe. After a quick visit to the instructions it was about as straight forward as you could get. Yes, I read the instructions just to be never know when there is going to be a test?

lokar4Knowing that I was going from a cable style to a rod activated movement it was clear that it required a cut in the floor – that done I knew it would need to be honed out to make sure that the rod that connected from the bottom of the shifter had the necessary area to move and not bind up on the floorpan – easy, grab the right bit and it was just a couple of seconds and the shifter was sitting in place mocked up to make sure it all works correctly.

After that a quick set up with the trans and shifter in park and she is done and installed.

lokar3..its about as easy as it can get – looking for more information go to LOKAR and check out their website…the janitor


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