STREET TORQUE: VIDEO 1680HP under a flat hood


After catching a glimpse of Brian Konczyk 1989 3rd-Gen Trans Am all over the internet there was no time wasted getting in contact with Brian to pick his brain about what makes this seemingly harmless looking T/A crush the dreams of so many that have lined up against it. “It was a dream of mine to build this car” was the first thing to come out of Brian’s mouth as I dove head first into the nuts and bolts of powerhouse ‘Bird. While I jotted notes and scribbled questions Brian himself was the first to give credit where credit is due – his partnership with Steve Morris Engines.

Starting with a 400 Dart Little M-Block bored to 4.125 and sporting a 3.750 stroke that swings 9.0:1 hard-anodized Diamond Racing blower pistons connected to 6″ Oliver billet rods assures the bottom end is ready for action. A custom Bullet solid roller cam, ported Edelbrock Victor EFI intake manifold, AFR 245 cylinder heads with titanium intake and Inconel exhaust valves and T&D machine products 1.6 shaft rockers help the air funneled into them by an Procharger F2. Utilizing a Procharger 1800 Hp A/W intercooler and making 30 lbs of boost, fuel is sprayed into the engine via Big Stuff 3 engine management system controlling the 160lb fuel injectors with an Accufab 90 mm throttle body. Lemons 2″ stepped to 21/8″ headers and 4″ collectors dump out the spent fuel air mixture and the result is 1678.1 horsepower at close to 8000rpm….

Look for a more in-depth look into Brian’s Trans Am and it’s next incarnation…we have his promise to get updates on the next level of performance he takes his black Trans Am too in the coming months of winter.



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