Street Stomper Update: 1991 Ford Mustang GT

If you happen to remember David Gates and his ’91 Mustang STREET STOMPER article then you know that not only does David beat his Fox body like a rented mule, but he also likes to spray the hell out of it and sometimes things break and this brings us to another Street Stomper update…
From David’s email…We are glad to have the car back up and running again. After a major setback and countless hours we were able to save the block and re-sleeve the cylinder. After all the time that we have been out waiting for the motor our amazing sponsors have stuck with us and never gave up. I would personally like to thank Sharad Raldiris with team UPR Racing Products, Robbie Pagent with Sticky No More, Paul Tritola with Twigys Performance, George Mandes with Speed Unlimited, David Gates with Gates Transmission, Jimmy Cox with JCR Products, Gladys Smith and Brian Greene with G&B racing, Tony Archer with Track One Graphics and last but not least Cars illustrated magazine. Without y’all behind me and helping me out I would not be where I am today. Y’all have no idea how greatly appreciated you are to this race team and we cannot thank you enough for your services. With that being said let the games begin and let’s make 2017 and year to remember.
With that David has stuffed his SBF with a new Scat Crank, Malie slugs, a solid roller cam and a Pro-Fogger system from NOS to keep things interesting…and all we have to say is get out there David, make some hits and make sure to give us the updates…
-the Janitor

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