Street Stomper Update – 1990 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Matt also knew that he would need some help in the clutch management department and reached out to Cale Aronson of Black Magic Clutches to handle that part of the equation, and make sure the little 3rd-gens clutch package would be equally at home on the street and at the track holding WOT shifts.
You all know how the next chapter starts…”it’s just a cam swap” Well the cam swap started as a conversation with¬†Steven Balusik, chiming in at PRI, that Matt should drop in a solid roller – both agreed and now is being self-labled “Project Snow-Ball” as all the sudden what started as a simple “cam swap” to Steven and Matt, and deciding to include Jim Gray and Reid Sanders of Venom Racing Engines, to go to work on the 370s cylinder heads. From there, Matt started considering new connecting rods to keep up with the newly found RPM range and with all the changes it started to seem like there might be “too many cooks in the kitchen”

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