Street Stomper – “Project Silver Juice” ’99 Camaro Z28


Who: John Schaeffer psj3

What: 1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Where: Springfield, MO

This 1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 started out as a project build to be competitive in LSX Real Street and NMCA between brothers John and Josh Schaeffer. Bought on a Thanksgiving day and dropped off the hook with no motor and 40,000 miles it started as so many projects have…in the garage with late nights.
Starting with weight saving both John and his brother Josh began with the hole saw and once they had gone as far as they felt they could go, the brothers turned psj2to 417 Motorsports to have the front end fabrication finished and wired, then over to Beeler race cars to get the cage fabricated and installed. 
Once that work was completed it was back to the garage to drop in a 414CID LS engine purchased from a friend that was already pulling 8.60s in a similar car…but like all of us, they wanted more so they teamed up with MAST Motorsorts to build an LSX.
The new engine helped them lower their ETs to 8.30s and with some extra help dialing in the Camaro suspension from Wes at ShoMeSpeed and a set of 13615081_1216920021674466_7009676856942681440_ntuned AFCO shocks it blasted to a 1.19 60ft time with the help of the new suspension from UMI and Midwest Chassis…but like a good infomercial “wait there’s more” was around the corner and with some new MAST 295cc heads and Nitrous Outlets new being prepped for the upcoming LS Fest in September kit there is lower ETs on the horizon – and we are looking forward to it. 


Mast Motorsports LSX 427  13 to 1 Comperssion/Mast Motorsports 295cc heads/Mast 4500 intake/Nitrous Outlet Stinger 3 dry plate kit/Nitrous Outlet steam vent system/Bullet Racing Solid roller cam/Bullet Racing lifters/Aeromotive Fuel System/ECU: All tuning done by Wes @ ShoMeSpeed on the AEM Infinity and suspension set up./AEM Infinity ECU series 7/AEM Harness/AEM Smart coils/AEM X Series gauges in the car.


UMI racing suspension -A arms upper and lower/K member/Lower control arms/Panhard bar/Midwest Chassis torque arm and travel limiters/AFCO shocks on the car/Menscer valving/Front end Fabrication by 417 Motorsports/Cage by bdrc beelers drag racing cars/All tuning done by Wes @ ShoMeSpeed on the AEM Infinity and suspension set up.


ShoMeSpeed/Mast Motorsports/Nitrous Outlet/UMI Suspension/Midwest Chassis/Optic Armor/Aeromotive Fuel systems/AFCO racing shocks/417 Motorsports/BDRC race cars Fabrication

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