Street Stomper: 2011 Ford Mustang GT


Who: Brad Bench

What: 2011 Ford Mustang GT

Where: Lebanon Mo.

Starting life as just another S197, Brad purchased his ’11 GT in the fall of 2010 and like so many other enthusiasts, it was the same day he started installing his home made nitrous kit in search of more…combined with a set of 10-inch slicks, a little tuning from SCT and before you could say “out of warranty” Brad had pushed the Mustang into the 10’s with a 10.93 at 123mph, enough to give him the seat time to take the local heads-up series point championship at Ozark Raceway Park in Rogersville…

But you know where these stories go…the following season Brad decided to ditch the nitrous and see what he could do with an all-motor set up, while saving his cash for a turbo build and ended up squeezing out an 11.79@114mph on slicks and a custom tune.

The next chapter was much more involved as Brad was going, what we would call, “full retard” and it was time to get serious. Along with friend and Radial Versus the World racer Mike Kimmis from Kimmis Racing, Brad started assembling the parts for the next short block, using Manley H-Beam rods and a set of forged Manley slugs. Adding some stronger valve springs and some ARP head studs just to get started. Next, Brad gathered the parts he had been accumulating for the turbo build and decided to install everything at one time. Parts list included BMR Lower Control Arms, Cobra Jet Drag Springs, QA1 double-adjustable shocks for the rear, Strange single-adjustable struts for the front, and a T56 Magnum-XL trans swap from JPC just to name a few.

He then called up his good friend Eric Holliday at JPC and was sent the first JPC turbo kit that was actually shipped out to a customer. The kit included a standard PTE 7675 ball-bearing turbo along with all plumbing, hardware, fittings, as well as wastegates, and blow off valve…and the best part is Brad installed the kit by himself with the Mustang sitting on jack stands. Once done, Kevin MacDonald of JPC sent the start up tune and it was time to hit the dyno.

And it was not the dyno around the corner…Brad drove his newly boosted Mustang about 1000 miles to Maryland to have Kevin do the final tuning and in the end laid down some serious numbers…1066RWHP and 960RWTQ to be exact. Now lets not forget that 1000 mile road trip to get to Kevin, because Mother Nature tossed a monkey wrench into the drive home and Brad had no choice but to plow through a snow storm to get home, now that the car was finished.

Once the weather cleared and the track was open, Brad started off on a radial tire with the goals of a 9-second pass…well, with a 1000HP at the wheels and that third pedal in the footwell, it was going to be a challenge – one Brad was up for, and he clicked off a 9.98 at 138mph with the scent of burnt clutch in the air – time for another upgrade.

After selling the T56 and swapping to a Powerglide during the winter of ’15/’16, Brad headed to the NMRA event in Maple Grove and the very first 1/4 mile pass with the new glide set up was an 8.85@142mph running out of gear at the 1000′ mark with the 4.10 gears. But that did not stop Brad from entering the Turbo Coyote class and qualifying with an 8.80@142mph and a 1.28 60′ foot time…don’t forget this is a 3900lb car…Brad did make it to the finals only to lose to JPC’s Ronnie Reynolds 7 second car…at least it’s in the family.

2016 was a busy time for Brad running all five of the the local Stock Block Shootout series season, and finishing the year winning the points championship, and in November entering the True Street class at the “Import vs Domestic” World Cup Finals race in Maryland qualifying #17 out of 50 within some of the baddest street cars in the country.  After some adjustment to fit into the rules of the class, he clicked off an 8.98@151mph in qualifying.

With the 2017 season just getting started, Brad already has one Stock Block Shootout race win behind him and is planning to claim the Stock Block Shootout Championship again in 2017 and enter a handful of NMRA races as well…good luck Brad and please keep us posted.

…yes, of course we are gonna post a video with this…and 8.80s is cooking

-the Janitor


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