Street Stomper – 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS


Who: Jason Parkerjpss2

What: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Where: Bowling Green, KY

Living in Bowling Green Kentucky you would think that like most bowtie fans it would be a dream to own a brand new Corvette, but after seeing the new 5th generation Camaro hit the showroom floor, Jason Parker knew things had just taken a different turn…or flight per say. See knowing exactly what he wanted and finding that exact 2010 Camaro in Missouri, he quickly jumped at the chance to hop on a flight, purchase the Inferno Red SS and road trip it back home…the back seat did help justify the new car, since like so many of us, he also has a family and you know they wanted to come along for the ride with dad.

It only took a month for Jason to know he wanted more out of his 5th gen f-body and it started out harmless at first with the addition of a TVS2300 blower, intake and exhaust…you will start to see the familiar pattern starting here.


That cured his need for speed for only a while longer before he was standing at Cincy Speed talking to Tracey Scott about what he wanted to do next. They decided to pull the manual trans and swap it for a RPM 4l80e, purchase a forged short-block and add a Procharger F1R. “This was what I had been looking for and love it” Jason told himself, and also being aware of safety concerns he then decided if he was going to race it, it was going to need a cage. So the Camaro was shipped to Craig from Extreme Innovations & Fabrication to build the 8.50 cage…but then it was off to the track and time for Jason to really have some fun.

…enter that familiar pattern here, it was once again time for Jason to push the envelope and this time he was not going home, he was going big.

A Tony Buschoff built LSX 427 from BES on top of a new Procharger F2 helped add the much wanted power Jason was looking for…but with more power come more parts. The 4L80E was great for the last upgrades, but it was not holding up to the new found power, so Jason called RPM Transmission and decided to go the tired and true path of a beefed THM400, G-Force 9″ IRS kit, Santhuff coil overs all helped the M&T slicks wrapped in Weld wheels put the power to the ground.
But just as they were getting ready to set the Camaro on kill…there was a malfunction with timing and it scattered the LSX.
So like we mentioned…here is that pattern again.
Jason decided to go all jpss4out this time around and hold nothing back…gutting the car in preparation for the 25.3 cage, tubular front end to cut the weight down to minimal requirements and Jason would say “it was time to go racing with the big dogs” and was teaming up with yet another great name in racing, Jesse Coulter to complete the rebuild of the BES LSX only this time with a ProCharger F3R-121 gear drive set up that should be good for north of 2000HP. With Jason’s goal of breaking into the 7’s in 1320 we’d say he is right on track.
Jason has been from one end of the cars life to the other, from street car to track duty to now swinging for the fences.  It’s no wonder his passion for racing is so deep and we will enjoy updates as he finishes up on the build of a all-out monster.
…those of us here at Cars Illustrated look forward to seeing it unfold.
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