Street Stomper: 2001 Chevrolet Camaro Z28


Who: Travis Martin

What: 2001 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Where: Fort Wayne Indiana

“show·mod” noun: A street or race vehicle that is brought out to have every modification done exactly right with absolutely no rush taken upon until it lights the second bulb and runs low eights on drag radials…

Or at least thats the insight Travis’ friends might have come to and his obsession with being what one might come to think as being a little “bit of a neat freak and overly picky about fit, finish, and appearance of my vehicles” as Travis stated to us. This build got the nick name “Showmod” from our friends on TEAM260, as well as his wife Amanda, who has surely put up with a lot during this whole process.

Owner of the 2001 Z28 since 2003, the Camaro was purchased with only 12,000 miles on it. Standard bolt-ons like AFR heads, custom cam grind and a few other sprinkled items, had Travis running solid 11-second runs (11.12 at 123mph was his best) in his ultra clean NA LS1 powered f-body.

But like so many, Travis had been bit by the “go faster” bug, and after completing Drag Week in 2015, it was time to make some changes – the goal was simple: Make the late 4th-gen appear as stock and “show” like on the outside, retain the streetable aspects of the Z28, full interior car consisting of factory carpet, dash with a Holley Digital unit snuck in for better feedback, factory monsoon radio, heat, keyless entry, power windows, and factory back seat and would lay down some serious power and shoot for the eights…we’d say from these photos he was off to a great start.

So between the fall of 2015 and spring 2017, the car underwent a massive transformation. Bill Davis installed a Midwest Chassis 8.50 certified cage and shortly after that it was dropped off to Chris Bishir for the turbo fab work including all the necessary work to pop Twin BW S366 turbos under the hood to feed a 402 cid LSX fed by a Holley Dominator EFI, backed by a RPM THM400/Strange 12-Bolt set up in the early spring of 2016, and handed the car back to Travis late January this year. Travis says the Camaro was not built with the intentions of being a race car, but rather a street/strip car, but like so many goals, once they are set and hit…it usually changes again, we will see. According to Travis the Z28 should be ready to start making passes by the time we write this story, so look for updates soon…because judging by these under the hood shots he will obtain his goal with out a sweat.

It’s no secret that Team260 has been instrumental in the success of Cars Illustrated getting back into the faces of the regular guy who wants a fast streetable, bad ass car and we thank them for all the support…and we expect to see some time slips ASAP Travis…yeah, we’re talking to you.

-the Janitor






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