Street Stomper: 1995 Chevrolet S10


Who: Jared Ball

What: 1995 Chevrolet S10

Where: Fort Wayne

In a sort of unorthodox way… the loss of a tow rigs 4.3L and the yearning to sell the ’91 Probe Turbo for a V8 swapped S10 and just like that Jared Ball’s life took a very interesting turn.

One that led him down a path of having not only the S10, but admittingly not knowing what the hell to do with it…well, why not start with a TPI 305 yarded out of a IROC? After the obligatory fight with the harness and the usual items anyone would have to overcome in a engine swap, Jared got the little S10 running….even running it down the local track where, once the top-end light got triggered it yielded a underwhelming 15.3 – time to turn up the volume.

The initial goal was to put together a decent street truck that had some guts, but could cruise the boulevard just as easy, and over the course of a few years Jared ditched the 305, dropped in a 355/700R4 and even got his hands on a TPIS Mini-Ram and managed to get that set up to hit the low-13s…feeling frisky, Jared then yanked the slush-box and the 355, dropped in a stroker SBC backed by a T56 and got the little purple Chevy down into the low 12s, but it was still not enough….

In the winter of ’08 Jared was ready to dive head first into the turbo-pool, and picked up all the necessary parts to mock his own turbo kit – gotta love that, right? Grab the Mig-Welder and just see what you can come up with….with help from friend Alex Newman from Neukin Motor Development, lended his help with manifolds and between the two of them fabbed up their own turbo-system that returned 590 horses at the wheels and 700ft-lbs of torque and resulted in getting the little S10 down to 11.8s, again…time to turn up the volume.

The off-season once again meant changes and serious ones at that…a cage was in order now that Jared was chasing single digit elapse times and it was at that point Jared decided to turn the focus of the S10 more towards the track rather than the street. One of those items was a set of slicks sourced by fellow Team260 friends Adam Hodson and Chris Bisher…but with traction, sometimes comes problems and in his case it was a busted transmission output shaft that then reared the ugly head in the form of a few broken piston rings upon inspection..and it was those two things that left Jared  at a cross roads as to what he wanted to do.  Fix the problem and put it back together as is, or look at taking the truck a different direction – he chose the latter of the two.

But big changes cost big money and with the responsibility of family, kids and a yard full of pets on top of finishing his Electrical Engineering degree, Jared needed to remember to find balance in his life and after time and selling off the previous equipment, it was time to turn that volume button up once again and go after the set up he was dreaming of…

Those big changes did not happen overnight…in fact it was more like 6-years and in that time Jared was tasked with making the decision to either go LS or stick to the traditional SBC…that choice was made upon a “deal you can’t refuse” on a Dart M-Block and the stage was set.

Like so many of us, we have friends who are always ready to toss their 2-cents into the opinion pile and even though the single turbo set-up might have been enough – we do love that fellow Team260 guy, Chris Bisher talked Jared into the second Percision 7875…the word is that its also wrapped Chris into a few extra late nights to help get it all fabbed up, but we are sure that did not take a lot of arm twisting.

Many other changes took place in that six year span…boxing in the frame, custom shock mounts, cutting out and replacing the floor pans and updates to the roll cage.

So that bring us to 2016, and Jared finally got his chance to fire the S10 up and make it to the local test-n-tune…which resulted in a 9.94 at 137mph on “only”15lbs of boost…unfortunately, it also left him with a hurt THM400, but that did not stop him from getting the slush-box fixed, making some adjustments to the converter and managing a clean pass or 9.93 at 141mph on only 12.5lbs….

Like so many of our friends residing in the 260, Jared used the time spent on his S10 to learn everything from general work on a drag car, to welding and fabrication and its that comrodery that makes us continue to feature their groups cars or in this case truck…if you think about Jared’s story and how it is what so many of the “real world” goes through…it’s the dedication to make something faster each time you bump into the second bulb and look at the competitor next to you…it’s that drive that makes this hobby second nature to us and unexplained to those outside the track.

Jared did want to make sure we mentioned how lucky he is to have a wife that puts up with this crazy obsession…trust us Jared, we completely understand – so from us here at Cars Illustrated, thank you Mrs. Ball for letting little Jared come out and play.


Front Suspention

Double A-arm front suspension with QA1 coil over shock and spring – Modified Spohn lower control arms, Speedway uppers – Manual Gear box out of 82 S-10 – SSBC Dual Piston Front Brakes

Rear Suspention

Calvert rear leafs, sliders – Cal Trac bars – Home built antiroll bar – QA1 double adj shocks – 9″ rear axle – Moser 35 spline axles – Nodular iron case – 3.89 gear – Explorer Disc Brakes


ATI Fuel and Blown Series 9” Converter – Custom Build TH400 by a local Transmission guy – Matt Rogers.


383 Dart Little M-Block – Lunati 3.75 Crank – Ohio Crank 6” H beam rods – Weisco pistons – Holley Single Plain EFI Manifold with home-built elbow to LS2 DBW Throttle body – Solid Roller Custom Ground Turbo Cam – Brodix Track 1 heads – Homebuilt Stainless forward facing headers – Twin Precision 7875 Turbos – Homebuilt Stainless Downpipes – Homebuilt Aluminum Exhaust – Homebuilt 3” In/Out Aluminum Baffled Mufflers, Electronic solenoid activated exhaust cutouts driven by Holley Dominator ECU.

Fuel System

Dual Aeromotive A1000 Pumps with secondary triggered off boost from ECU output – Aeromotive Ultra High Flow Regulator – 15 Gallon Fuel Cell – Holley dominator EFI – homebuilt harness – homebuilt crank sensor setup with reluctor wheel machined by Andy Adkins

…as of this being put up Jared did hit the track for the Muncie Raceway event and clicked off a 9.16 – proving to us and surely to himself, there is a 8-second pass in the near future.

-the Janitor


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