Street Stomper – 1991 Ford Mustang GT


Who: David Gatesdg3

What: 1991 Ford Mustang GT

Where: Mechanicsville, Maryland

From Davids social outlets…”I’m 18 and I live my life 1/4 mile at a time. I don’t know what 4+4 is but if we put nitrous on it she will run an 8″….if that does not make you understand why we reached out to David to feature his Fox Body then you might be in the wrong place.

His 1991 Ford Mustang you see here started from another Fox project, an ’84 that was in the process of completion and ran into time and money problems…that led him to the car you see before you. Starting with a stock block 351 filled with a forged rotating assembly, topped by Trick Flow heads, fed by a solid roller cam opening the valves, an Edelbrock Super Victor and Pro Systems carb help a healthy diet of E85 mixed right filling the chambers. Backing that up is a 6200rpm converter equipped C4 driving the power back to an 8-inch Ford rear with 3.73 gears. Keeping all this pointed in the right direction is the UPR Products suspension pinnings, Lakewood shocks while Wilwood brakes help David bring her to a stop….and without a doubt there is a bottle in the trunk.  David is running a NOS Big Shot Kit with a progression system that puts his 60ft times (he asked us not to say, fair enough) into something that tells us it’s set up right.dg4Last year David participated in the NMRA True Street Class – after he DROVE 30-miles to get there….and made three back-to-back 9.75/143mph passes and backed that up with a class win in the Street E.T. class…not to shabby for a young guy who drove, yes we are gonna say it again, DROVE it there.

Hopefully 2017 will be a better year for David and if all goes as planned, he and his Fox will be headed to Lights Out or No Mercy with the car…we got a chance to talk to David and it’s encouraging to see young guys filling the empty holes where active cars once stood and he wanted to say thanks to all that are involved with his car, especially UPR Products, Twiggys Performance Shop of South Maryland, Robbie Pagent of Sticky No More and Gates Transmission – “With out y’all I wouldn’t bedg7 racing today and you don’t understand how much it means to me, so keep a look out cause this Street Stomper will be coming to a road near you”

– we love the enthusiasm and spirit from David and hope to get updates to share with the Cars Illustrated audience as he continues to further this Fox build…the Janitor

…of course we have video, how about David up against a BBC Camaro? Obviously the Camaro driver was making a sandwich and posting a selfy at the lights, but he might not have had a chance even if he cut a light…David looks good and his Fox came out of the hole HARD…


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