Street Stomper – 1969 Dodge Dart


Who: Albergetti Shanefieldgfr1

What: 1969 Dodge Dart

Where: San Diego, CA

Engine/Transmission: Al was not intending to build a grocery getter. He pulled out the stock mill and installed a 360cid with a 590 solid-lifter Mopar performance cam upgrade plus a set of Indy W2 cylinder heads help move the air into the chambers. TTI exhaust headers and a set of Borla 3½ mufflers were added for better breathing while a MSD Digital 6-Plus controls the spark.  VP 110 fuel is moved by an Aerospace fuel pump into the Holley 1050 Dominator that is assisted by a Nitrous Express 150 shot. Once the power is made its directed into a 904 massaged by Darrel Parks that slips to the tune of a 4200rpm stall. Then it’s passed to a 8¾ rear-end filled with a Stange Spool sporting 4:30 Richmond gears.gfr7Chassis/Suspension: Al installed AJE tubular upper/lower control arms to better manage this beast. Four-wheel coilovers and Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes haul in the Dart with ease. A set of rear ladder bars help keep the little Dart pointed in the right direction when leaving the line. gfr4Wheels/Tires: Centerline wheels wrapped around some radials up front and 12×29 Hoosier Slicks out back help get the power to the ground.gfr2Interior: The Darts interior remains largely stock, except for front bucket seats and harnesses. The door panels and carpet are mostly original with only modification to fit the full safety cage. The normal safety items found in a 10-second street/strip car are also present – cut-off switches, fire-bottle are in quickgfr11 reach if something bad was to start unfolding. Although this Dart is built for speed, Albert didn’t want to loose the street car side of his Darts personality so items like glass/roll-up windows still fill the doors, but the radio was deleted in favor of that sweet tune of pure engine rumble. Shifting is handed by a unit from PPP Shifters.

Bottom Line: At 3170lbs this little Dart is no slouch running consistent mid-10 second quarters blindfolded and a best of 10.09 at 131mph…but the best part is Al drives it. Not just to the strip, but to work, to the cruise in and maybe once and a while to a quite road somewhere out of town to squash the dreams of someone talking a little trash.





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