Speed Parts Review: Spectre Throttle Cable Kit


Take one part low-budget hot-rodder pizza delivery guy, one part high-performance part manufacture, and this is what you get…a young man who took a product and greatly improved the throttle cable set-up on his 3rd-Gen Camaro and some great low-buck, do-it-yourself tech from the Janitors desk…

Spectre Performance throttle cables, brackets, and return springs are designed to be a simple and effective solution that works with many different applications for both 4-barrel and 2-barrel carburetor applications and is a simple all-in-one box that can ensure a smooth and safe throttle function. These universal kits include the braided throttle cable, hardware, and adjustable brackets that can adapt to many applications…and here is what we got from Mason, the young man we handed the parts to…

After replacing my factory TBI unit and manifold with a Edelbrock Performer RPM unit topped by a Holley 600Holley 600CFM Double Pumper, it was obvious that the factory 88-92 Camaro TBI throttle cable bracket with cruise control was going to cause a problem. The problem was that the stock TBI throttle cable wasn’t long enough to achieve proper throttle opening and though fine for the factory TBI, it would never work on the upgraded induction…thankfully I could see right out of the box the Spectre kit would eliminate that problem.

Part #2431 cable and the fixings to go with it, #4700 return spring bracket and #4708 for the return springs would be the perfect fit to make me ditch the temporary “zip tie” fix and not only have precise WOT, but be quite a bit safer at the same time. 

First thing to do is remove the clip insert on the throttle cable bracket. Then to make it easier I had the lower dash piece removed and dropped the column to give me some room. I then popped the little clip off the gas pedal. Following that to the firewall, I used a flat-head to push the little clip on one side out into the firewall, then the other side.

Pull it out, and this where it begins…Open the kit and pull the cable through the the cable cover and put the clip for the gas pedal (if factory pedals) on, with the prongs facing upwards.

Then slide the nut and a washer on top of the clip. Feed the cable through the firewall, and connect the clip into the pedal. Now slide the washer onto the cable and slide the cable cover. I had my fiancé hold the threaded side and washer tight to the firewall, and I crawled under the dash and threaded the 14mm nut up and used a wrench to tighten it up.

Make sure a wrench is holding the outside also to make it a nice and secure fit. I then put the secure clip into the throttle cable bracket.

Then with the provided hardware, put the rod and nut through the bracket carb and tighten it. Then measure and cut the cable accordingly and slide it into the adjuster, tighten it down and then you are golden! You have officially installed the Spectre Adjustable Throttle Cable Kit and officially ditched the “zip tie” throttle cable…Mason 

Spectre Product Information SPE-2435

Spectre’s throttle cable & bracket kit includes an universal throttle cable bracket, stainless steel throttle cable kit with braided cable and return springs and is designed to fit many 2 and 4 barrel carburetors with a manual or automatic transmission, plus the throttle cable bracket is fully adjustable and it includes a set screw to eliminate any bracket movement.

• Includes universal throttle bracket

• Fully adjustable throttle bracket

• Designed to help make changing carburetors quick & easy.

• 3 foot long Stainless Steel throttle cable/Outside Diameter 0.375 in (10 mm)

• Braided stainless steel cable housing

• Includes Throttle Cable/Bracket/Return Spring Kit and Adapter Bracket

Photo Gallery of the installation below…

For more information about these or other products – visit their website SPECTRE or give a call to 909-673-9800

-the Janitor


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