Speed Parts Review: Spectre Cold Air Intake LS Swap A-Body Swap


The popularity of the LS swap into early muscle is without a doubt the easiest way to drop reliable and cheap horsepower into your Chevelle or El Camino.

But what comes with this swap is a list of items you will need to either fab-up items yourself or find suitable solutions to everything from engine mounts or in the case of this product review – getting cold, fresh air inside the combustion chamber.

For this reason, Spectre has engineered the air intake system 901134 that is built specifically for your Chevelle or Elco engine bay and fender area when using an LS engine and blade style mass air flow sensor. This air intake system places the air filter on the driver side of the engine compartment. It comes with a heat shield which attaches using existing vehicle mounting points.

This air intake includes a red Spectre air filter. 

•For use with a blade style mass air flow sensor

•Includes a red Spectre air filter

•Polished aluminum finish

•Driver side air filter position

We dropped one of these easy to install systems into the hands of S&J Automotive who just happen to be doing such a swap and as you can see from the images was just about as simple and straight forward as a performance parts install as you could ask for…in fact, Scott the owner of S&J told us “I could not believe just how well it matched the frame rail and inner fender when I first mocked it up”….Spectre musclecar cold air intake 901134 lets you choose the drivers side location to draw the cold air from, the wheelwells, cowls, front gravel shields, or even the high-beams–with the optional headlight scoops. The more cold air you take in, the more power you make.

Spectre cold air intakes help to reduce the incoming air temperature by introducing fresh cold air to the engine for incredible power gains–and since your engine won’t need to work as hard, there’s the added benefit of improved gas mileage. If you are looking for a quality part with a very reasonable price please visit for more information and other applications to help you find the solution for your intake needs.

-the Janitor


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