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Radium Engineering Releases Billet PCV & Crankcase Catch Cans and Pressurized Coolant Expansion Tank Kits for 2011+ Ford Mustangs Catch Cans keep the intake clean for improved performance while pressurized coolant expansion tank aids in system de-aerating

Radium Engineering has released billet PCV and Crankcase Catch Can kits and bolt-on Coolant Expansion Tank kits for 2011+ Ford Mustang owners! Catch Can kits for the PCV and crankcase are available individually or together for the ultimate prevention of oil buildup along the intake tract. Radium’s aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank is designed to de-aerate hot coolant coming from the cylinder head for more efficient cooling in extreme conditions. Coolant Expansion Tanks are available for 2011-up GT, V6, EcoBoost and Shelby GT350 Ford Mustangs.

In addition to these new products, Radium offers a Ford Coyote Fuel Rail Kit, and has more performance solutions for Ford vehicles currently in development!


Radium’s catch cans use a closed-loop design that does not vent to atmosphere, making them emissions and track legal. They are available for the PCV valve and crankcase vent and are sold individually or together as a complete system.

Radium’s Mustang Catch Cans route clean, filtered air back into the engine, allowing it to be burned and promote negative crankcase pressure for optimal performance. This design also prevents unwanted oil vapors from entering into the vehicle’s cabin (learn more about the advantages of catch cans here). They are ideal for all stock or modified Coyote Engines. No permanent modifications to the vehicle are required for installation.

Unlike many catch cans on the market, Radium Engineering’s catch cans feature an integrated oil separator that accelerates oil condensation, cleaning PCV gases and reducing oil build-up on the inside of the intake tract and intake manifold. The stainless steel filtration media used to separate the oil is cleanable and re-usable. Oil and other contaminants are collected in the catch can and can be easily drained.

Radium’s Catch Can kits for Coyote-equipped Mustang include an 8 oz. machined 6061 billet aluminum can, laser-cut anodized mounting brackets, all hoses, fittings, clamps and stainless steel hardware. They feature two-piece construction with a removable bottom so they can be easily serviced. All Radium catch cans are black anodized and laser engraved. All ports are O-ring sealed.

•Effectively raises the octane and increases engine performance through cleaner inlet air

•Prevents oil buildup in the intake or intercooler system walls, throttle body, intake manifold, etc.

•Lowers hydrocarbon emissions


Radium’s Coolant Expansion Tank kits fit all 2011+ Ford Mustangs including the 5.0L Coyote, V6, EcoBoost and the Shelby GT350, and it performs the same function as the factory plastic coolant tank.

The Radium Engineering coolant tank is CNC machined from aluminum for a robust design that can handle extreme heat cycling. This product is more than a simple overflow tank; it is part of the pressurized coolant system and features an internal swirl design that accelerates hot pressurized coolant from the cylinder head to aid in de-aerating it. This tank replaces the plastic factory overflow tank at the front of the engine bay and the specially designed mounting bracket uses the OEM mounting points. No permanent modifications to the vehicle are required.

The Coolant Expansion Tank’s low-profile design provides extra room in the engine bay for aftermarket forced induction piping or other engine modifications. The tank’s internal design features two chambers that have cross-over passages at the top and bottom. A 1.5BAR (21.8 PSI) Radium radiator cap is recommended. A different cap may be used but it must be a Type A cap (click here for more info), as the factory coolant tank cap cannot be reused.


Part Number        Catch Can Type     Year                        Make                      Model

20-0267                PCV                         2011-up                  Ford                       Mustang GT, GT350

20-0279                Crankcase             2011-2014              Ford                       Mustang GT

20-0287                Crankcase             2015-up                  Ford                       Mustang GT

20-0324                 Dual                       2011-2014              Ford                       Mustang GT

20-0235                 Dual                       2015-up                  Ford                       Mustang GT


Part Number        Year                        Make                      Model

20-0285                2011-2014             Ford                        Mustang GT, V6, EcoBoost, GT350

20-0286                2015-up                 Ford                        Mustang GT, V6, EcoBoost, GT350

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