Speed Parts Review: Proform Parts Valve Covers


The definition of the phase “hot rod” is often speculated and disputed time and time again – for us its a simple description of taking something that is automotively based and making it your own. Now that might be the way you set your ride height or the reason you select 108-degree lobe separation on your cam – either and any way, it’s up to you to make it yours.

So why not valve covers?

One of the most often and widely swapped items under the hood of everyone from the casual weekend warrior to the hard core X275 racer, the valve cover you choose has a massive effect on aesthetics of your under hood combination, but can also be just as important to make sure you have rocker clearance and proper ventilation for everything from your crate supplied small block, to the 1500hp turbocharged drag engine.

Enter both our friends from Proform Parts and the crew from Team 260…more directly Jared Ball and his twin-turbo S10 – see the Street Stomper highlight HERE.

So we sent a set of Proform Parts slant-edge valve covers to Jared’s house thinking it could spruce up his already potent turbo-S10, little did we know what he had planned for the simplest of dress-up items and boy did we love what he came up with…see, if you’re looking to customize your street or strip small block Chevy with tall aluminum valve covers, Proform Parts has sixteen versions available in powder-coated colors, polished and chrome as well as a pre-powdercoat version making your engine stand out with patented, innovative mold design that yields generous internal clearance while including one pcv grommet, one breather grommet & removable baffles all in the box.

Now back to that “hot rod” thing…see Jared did not just pull the valve covers out of the box and bolt them in, he took a little creativity and some serious machine and welding skills and put together what you see here…a stock, out of the box valve cover and made it his own…remember the “making it your own” comment from above and Jared (in our opinion) knocked it our of the park, not only did he give some serious love to our partners at Proform, but he also gave notice that the crew from the “260” are not only fast, but like to look good while doing it.

So whether you want to keep the stock Chevrolet insignia or make them your own, make sure to check out the vast collection of go-fast parts today…here is the spec and info from Proform

Die-Cast Slant-Edge Valve Covers – Black Crinkle (1 of 11 finishes) Tall, Perimeter Bolt

Fits 1955 to 1986 262-400 Small Block Chevy Engines

  • Chevrolet/Bowtie Raised Emblem
  • Perimeter Bolt Pattern
  • Slant-Edge Style with Baffle
  • Available Mill Raised CHEVROLET & Bowtie Emblems
  • Made from Die Cast Aluminum

Thanks to Jared Ball, Team260 and Proform Parts for helping put this together…

-the Janitor



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