Speed Parts Review: Proform LS Starter


So there you are…waiting for that next pass at the track or just jumping from parking lot to parking lot and that dreaded sound hits your ears, you know the one, that one when you can feel when that heat soaked old starter can barley turn your engine over…yes, it sucks…we know, as most do, what that sounds like.

Well, if your hoping to avoid that from happening and your running an LS based power plant in the hood, then the Proform 66273 LS-Series High-Torque Starter just might be the ticket. We got our hands on one and sent it out to Nick Taylor to swap into “Maliboost” and beyond the stats and numbers, we got a real review from a guy who is in the racing trenches just about every weekend.

“I have had quite a few issues with factory starters in the past. Many of which have resulted to me being dead in the water ( luckily all problems have occurred at home) I usually carry spares with me everywhere I go, just in case! The swap of starters was painless. Proform had included very nice allen bolts (passenger side bolt needs to be longer) and the main body/mount is a very nice billet piece. I recorded data from the old starter before installing the new Proform piece. Upon finishing the easy swap, I recorded data from the new starter and compared with the old. My old starter pulled close to 3.2 amps while cranking. The new Proform unit pulled a much lower 1.98 amps, which in comparison could be the difference between the car starting or not having enough volts to handle the higher amperage (from the old starter) while in competition and heat soaked”

These 100% new, not rebuilt starters are set with offset to give you more clearance between the pan and starter and can be rotated for the perfect fit. Delivering 40-50% more cranking powered and designed to be used with LS1, LS2, LS6, and LS7 engines and is competition approved.

Thanks to Nick Taylor for the installation images and feedback, if you want to know more about this and all the parts available through Proform Parts, make sure to check out their re-vamped website (coming soon) by CLICKING HERE, but for now you can also check out this video they produced to help give you an idea of what goes into this and all Proform Parts.

-the Janitor


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