Speed Parts Review: PROFORM 50-AMP 1-Wire Mini Alternator


Just about everything you could possibly think to replace or upgrade on your drag car come with two little mathematical equations to consider – A: Does it save weight? and B: Does it increase performance? Our guy Scott from S&J Performance was thinking of just that when he mentioned the alternator was failing on his Buick and the Janitor saw an opportunity to put some parts into play…

So we tossed an email to our friends at PROFORM, and before you knew it there was a shiny (be it black) alternator sitting on the shop office desk with the intent of helping Scott out. Now swapping out an alternator is not exactly a sexy, fun-filled fabrication that dreams are made of, but it does take us back to the line in The Breakfast club – “did you know without trigonometry there would be no engineering? – yeah, brainiac…if there was no lamps, there would be no light” or in this case no headlights once your old, failing alternator let the battery drain to keep your headlights on, let alone charging the ignition system of your drag car.

So what do you get in the box?

You get a simple to install – one wire mini-alternator that can pump out more than the claimed 50-amps to help power said drag car looking for something smaller in size and big on power. In fact, it’s a quick way to remove 5lbs off the front end of your car and make something that is normally overlooked in the beauty area some chance of being noticed with a nice looking black-wrinkle finish – yes, there is a chrome one, but we like the black look way better…but enough about looks, lets talk whats inside and how easy is it to slap in-place of the old factory unit you have now.

These alternators are produced by dedicated, specialized machines that are overlooked by trained assembly workers using nothing but all-new materials to whip them together, plus PROFORM stands behind their stuff, so even if there is a problem, they will take it back and send you a new one if for some reason it does not function as described. As far as the installation, it’s about as simple and straight forward as you can get – off with the old, in with the new – and yes, it never hurts to just spend the 2-minutes to look at and even read the instructions…what are you out other than the 2-minutes.

Scott did give us the feedback that it took a little “custom” work to make everything work with the supplied PROFORM alternator and CVF pulley for proper fit on the ’70 Buick – as you can see by the images he needed to put the spacer to the grinder a touch to make it fit perfect, and after a little pre-fit and mock-up it was all good to go and wrapped up in quick time and he made mention that like anything – nothing fits 100% perfect – 100% of the time.

So if you are looking for a nice looking, reliable, easy to install and backed alternator for your drag car, give PROFORM a peek and check out their products.

Features include: 

  • 100% New.
  • 1-Wire, 50 AMP Output.
  • Weighs 6 Lbs.
  • Machined V-Belt Pulley.
  • Crinkle Black Or Polished Finish.
  • Includes Quality Assurance Graph For Specific Units Performance Output.

-the Janitor



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