Speed Parts Review: Nitrous Outlet Gen-3 4500 Stinger Plate System


Spray that shit…

That’s the first thing we thought to ourselves while chatting with friend George Burns while we planned out ways to use and test products from our friends at Nitrous Outlet. So we grabbed the phone, sent a couple emails and after a quick installation here’s what we got…

A fun day out at Woodburn Dragstrip to test out their Stinger system…one of many updates to come, but we had to get this chapter online ASAP. Nitrous Outlets inventory includes thousands of nitrous systems, parts, accessories, and dedicated fuel systems for every application. Here is the link of the 4500 Holley Stinger System, but first the quick video and then a break down of the parts he is now using.

We love you Johnathan, but we could not do what we do without giving you hard time….

Parts and pieces are what make these types of projects come together and this is Nitrous Outlet’s list of goodies that played into the extra oomph for our guy George…

4500 GENIII Stinger Plate Conversion With Boomerang 2 Solenoid Bracket (50-500hp) – LINK 

These 3rd generation Stinger plates for 4500 series Holley style carbs, pack a revolutionary extended reach cone (or Stinger) that sits further down inside the intake plane to help deliver the NO2 punch direct into the runner rather than bouncing off the sidewall on the intake. Each Stinger is equipped with 16 discharge ports, 8 for nitrous and 8 for fuel in a 360 degree pattern and help provide that precise atomization and saturation your looking for when you hit the fun button. Built from 6061 billet aluminum with a black anodized body, red “Stinger” and proundly sports the Nitrous Outlet on both the plate body and ports.

Roll Bar Mounted Heated Billet Aluminum Bottle Bracket With Install Accessories – LINK 

Now there are several ways to install a nitrous bottle, even hide it if your not trying to “show your cards” at the local grade event…but if you looking to mount that nitrous bottle proudly where all can see these are the ticket. Designed to hold 10lb or 15lb bottles and can be installed and mounted to just about any size roll bars from 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″ and 1 1/8″

Designed to be used in conjunction with heaters and supplied with all the hardware to not only make your bed (in this case) look fantastic, but also make bottle filling an easy task with their hex to wing adapter-makes connecting and disconnecting the main feed possible without the use of tools. So if you’re are looking for a show quality nitrous install, a billet bottle bracket will give your system the perfect finishing touch.

6AN Inline Nitrous Filter – LINK

You’ve spent countless hours assembling your engine the last thing you need is junk or trash finding it’s way into the internals let along your nitrous system. One of the simplest and best ways to prevent that from happening is to use one of their Inline filters and George did just that, and making sure that not only will the filter protect the BBC and the nitrous system, but assure the jets in the El Camino do not become clogged with debris.

Luminescent Nitrous Pressure Gauge – LINK

This ones pretty simple and straight forward, easy to see in both day and night, the pressure gauge does more than just look pretty mounted on your system. Making sure the system is maintaining proper pressure will ensure when you do hit the fun button, the components are functioning correctly and adding one more fail-safe to your time at the track…or street. Reading from 0 to 1500Lbs and made from stainless steel it also is easy to install with 1/8th thread at both ends.

Nitrous Outlet 6AN Purge Kit – LINK

Beyond the “look at me, I’ve got nitrous” effect while sitting in the staging lanes or on that back road while waiting for the traffic to die down, the purge kits do have a function and keep unwanted air trapped in the lines that create a surge or worse, a delay in the system. This purge kit’s .063 orifice can flow up to 200 horsepower of nitrous which creates a massive white cloud of nitrous anytime the purge is activated. Three feet of flexible aluminum purge line allows for you to place the purge outlet just about anywhere on your vehicle.

Final Notes

This is only one of many chapters we will follow with George and his now Nitrous Outlet powered BBC El Camino and rest assured in a upcoming “open comp” day we will be down at the track with George, strong arming him to pop in the 250 (or larger) pills to see just how fast we can turn up the gentlemen’s pickup.  Until then, make sure and check out all that Nitrous Outlet has to offer for your carb, EFI, turbo or even power sports needs when it come to adding the “fun button”…

-The Janitor


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