Speed Parts Review: Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger 6th-Gen Camaro w/VIDEO


Every now and then you talk to someone that just wants,… a little bit more. More often than not that spirals out of control and people end up going right off the deep end. However, when you have certain goals in life you just follow them though. Enter Gerry Brown, Gerry being a former “A Gas” dragster driver from the 1970’s was no stranger to power, in fact his 1974 Chrysler powered dragster he saw single digit passes many times over in southern California. Over the years, Gerry has had quite a few different cars and trucks and the one thing that has always been constant is he loves speed and loves to do it with class. When the 6th generation Camaro hit the dealership floor he knew he had to have one.

Gerry picked up his 2016 Camaro SS as it was the first to arrive in Las Vegas from Bozarth Chevrolet. He got the call from a friend saying that they had taken delivery of one and he headed straight away to see if he could take it home. It was not long after Gerry got the car home he put a little bit of himself into it by changing out the wheels to make it a little more his own, but what he wanted… What he wanted was more power.

Enter Revolution street cars and Edelbrock, Gerry previously had been a client with Revolution before with his GMC Sierra which was no slouch either with a 402 LS Stroker. Gerry came in with a specific idea, he wanted the most out of his car but did not want to worry about the warranty hassle or playing games with dealers. He travels, and now with the 6th gen Camaro, traveling has gotten a whole lot more comfortable for him.  He’s already logged quite a few miles on the highway with the car and wants to enjoy many more, but just has the need for speed. The car, being “arrest me red” with the polished wheels he was a bit apprehensive to do anything the car to draw more attention to it, however he is no stranger to cars and coffee and heading out to cruise with some of the local groups so it couldn’t be anything small. He wanted a performance gain that was going to be worth every penny for smiles per gallon.

The Edelbrock E-force system was the most logical choice for Gerry, out of the gate Edelbrock advertises a pretty significant gain.  The manual trans kits advertise 580 rear wheel horsepower and 548 torque. Very impressive for a bolt on supercharger kit with no touches to the exhaust or emissions systems, that would make it anything less legal but give you plenty of umph for the drag strip or street. Gerry’s car being an 8 speed auto, was going to show a little different gain, but a gain none the less.

The install of the kit couldn’t be any more well written by the guys over at Edelbrock.  The kit comes very complete, RSC opted to go with the tuner package, since down the road, Gerry may plan to step up to a different exhaust or intake package and tuning it in house at Revolution street cars would be the best move since changes are easily supported tuning in house.

The only thing that’s not included with the Edelbrock kit is the tools to get it done.  They have more or less thought of everything down to the fact you have to gain access to the flex plate to support the engine from turning during the harmonic balancer change out, so they include a GM exhaust manifold gasket, you can’t beat that!

The nice part about the Edelbrock kit is it follows suit in the way many factory kits are done. They make the fit and finish clean and neat and looks like it was part of the factory build. The E-Force system uses an air to water heat exchanger that fits nicely behind the grille and has plenty of surface area for cooling.

The kit installs in a well dedicated day with the tools required, and because Edelbrock has thought out the install quite well, there isn’t much to do besides get to work and knock it out.

Once the supercharger itself is attached to the runners, there’s just a few more things to button up and you are ready to get tuning. Now if you purchase the full kit from Edelbrock with tuning support, it’s a snap to get done without a dyno or tuning facility. You only need access to a PC and an internet connection and it’s as simple as following a few prompts for the handheld device to download your stock flash and send it back in to Edlebrock via email for an updated calibration, and you are on your way to firing it up.

And back on to the dyno we go to get the tune dialed in, and after a little bit of time on the dyno.. She’s ready to go!


So the bottom line is simple…if your looking for real power gains that do not effect the warranty, effect the emissions and are easy to install the Edelbrock E-Force is a proven path…with gains of 124.09 horsepower tot he real wheels and over 145lb-ft of torque helping you rid yourself of tires at a whim. For more information on the E-Force Supercharger CLICK HERE and check their whole line-up of forced induction applications.

Here is the full gallery of the installation…

Words, images and video all provided by Cars Illustrated contributor Frank form Revolution Street Cars out of Las Vegas Nevada – thanks Frank for the hard work and great story…Please note in the article Frank did all the dyno pulls in 5th to keep it a no BS number. We did not pull it in 6th because it’s going to be north of 150 mph wheel speed which isn’t really good for the dyno…

-the Janitor


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