Speed Parts Review: Boostane Octane Engeineering VIDEO


Witchcraft, sceptizimum and broken promises is how most would describe the now countless failed products lining the shelves of the local auto parts stores…claiming HORSEPOWER in a BOTTLE. Well there are no broken promises or false claims with Boostane….

…and thats what we are gonna talk about today, so how is BOOSTane’s formula different? The answer centers on their proprietary carrier, which makes BOOSTane perform better than any other booster on the market…and I could sit here and try to tell you all about the hour long conversation I had with owner and mad scientist behind this – Ian Lain about how it works…I’m not that smart and after about 5 minutes I just agreed to agree for this simple reason – its proven to work – PERIOD

Okay here is some cool facts…

  • First, there is no need to worry about the shelf life. No matter its age, your can of BOOSTane will deliver reliable performance without harmful effects to what ever the application.
  • Second, BOOSTane’s revolutionary carrier allows them to include a higher-concentration of anti-knocking agents in the formula.
  • Their expert engineers have developed the most reliable, consistent, and high-performing octane booster on the market; and they’ve confirmed it through independent 3rd party testing.

Bottom line – with BOOSTane’s formula, you’re buying an octane booster that delivers results and is actually good for your vehicle’s engine.

That’s exactly what they set out to do. Convenience – Performance & Affordability and point blank – the dyno don’t lie

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-The Janitor


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