Speed Parts Review: Aldan American G-Body Coilovers w/VIDEO


This Speed Parts Review is a little bit of a case of “cart before the horse” See, Cars Illustrated teamed up with Aldan American to do some testing and product reviews for the season and even got our guy Nick Taylor and “Maliboost” involved to slap on some of their Phantom Series Coilovers for the front Part #AGFMS, Striker Series Rear Part #AGRLS for the rear with 140lb spring to help the little G-Body take some time off his 60-foot time…well, Aldan sent the products, Nick installed them and before you could say “the Janitor is slacking” they exchanged emails and photos to reveal exactly what Nick and Aldan American wanted to see…a quicker car.

We all know Nick is making the power…his LS powered ’80 Malibu is fed by a 83mm Turbo and is a huge chassis punisher so proper suspension is need to harness the power twisting the frame…but is was these Aldan American spec’ed parts that made a huge difference.

With this new setup, Nick ran a personal best of 1.21 with a 7 at the 60ft mark and a 5.47 in the 1/8mile proving that no matter how much power you have – you have got to be able to put it on the ground, and the set up from Aldan did the trick for the powerful little G-Body…for more information about these and other Aldan American Products check out the link to their full website HERE.

-the Janitor


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