Speed Parts Preview: Weiand Track Warrior BBC Intake Manifolds


From the desk of our friends at Weiand…

Weiand’s Track Warrior Manifolds for big-block Chevy engines are perfect for hard-core drag racers looking to edge out the competition. These single-plane high-rise intakes are computer-engineered and dyno-proven to produce more horsepower and torque. Available in standard deck heights for oval- and rectangular-port big-blocks, they’re offered in 4150 square-bore and 4500 Dominator carburetor configurations.

Superior cylinder-to-cylinder distribution gives you the edge over the competition and ensures safe, consistent air/fuel ratios for maximum engine output. These manifolds are designed for high-performance engines up to 540 cubic inches of displacement with maximum engine speeds of 7,000-8,000 rpm. They’re cast with extra material at the port flange exits to allow for custom port-matching to your cylinder head intake ports.

Track Warriors are intended for maximum performance and therefore do not accept stock components. Further power enhancements can be found with carburetor spacers, so be sure to explore those options. Weiand also offers EFI versions of these intake manifolds.

-the Janitor


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