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As much as horsepower, torque and driver skill are factors in getting down 1320 feet of asphalt…so is the proper set-up of suspension and weight. Most would agree that weight distribution is extremely important to getting the most out of your car and as important as total vehicle weight, but is mostly misunderstood and most do not know how much it plays a major influence with traction and performance.

Now this entry into the world of Cars Illustrated is not meant to give you lessons on why front to rear, side to side or corner weight distribution is so important to setting up your hard-core drag car, but realize that with a set of proper scales you can accurately set up these various settings to maximize loading and unloading of weight within the chassis and better agange bassist and counter weight to let your car find that perfect balance of chassis, power and traction work together to decrease the numbers on your time slips.

But you will need the tools to do that…enter the Proform Parts 7000lb Slim Wireless Vehicle Weighing System 

So if you’re past the “get it running” stage, well past the “send it and lets see what she runs” stage, you are most likely getting to the finer details of dialing in your drag car to maximize what you have within what ever rules parameter your looking to take advantage of the Proform Parts and their 7000lb Slim Wireless Vehicle Weighing System might be just the ticket for success.

We had a opportunity to put these scales in to action at the Team260 No-Prep Neglection race to let drivers find out what their car truley weigh, and what they might do to help get that heavy drag car on a diet. The Proform Parts 7000lb Slim Wireless Vehicle Weighing System is now the third generation of their slim wireless vehicle scale and includes several new features including full size 15″ x 15″ slim die-cast aluminum, black powder coated scale pads, live stream data feed via USB cable to computer with free downloadable program for viewing and file exporting, backlit LCD screen and control buttons, and a foam lined hard case with wheels for storage. Standard features include an LCD display with Cross weight, Side/Side weight, and Front/Rear weight in addition to the standard weight and percentage for each wheel and total vehicle weight. The individual scale pads have a 1,750 lb. capacity per pad for a total scale capacity of 7,000 lbs.

  • Super thin weighing pads – 15″L x 15″W x 1 5/16″H with drive-up ready angled sides
  • 7,000LB Capacity – 1,750LB Per Pad Rating
  • Backlit LCD Screen with PC Program to download and save data for Data Export – X-Weight, Side to Side, and Front to Back weighing screens
  • Wheeled foam lined hard case with telescoping handle

So if you are looking to maximize what you already have in the shop, a set of scales will help you do just that. They can help you set up and adjust several aspects of your drag car and help you accuratly change and adjust your suspension to get the most out of each run, all the while keeping track of ever-changing track conditions, and possible changes in your cars chassis health by tracking any change in weight and cross weight pre, during or post track time…and in this case do it without draining your bank account, heck they are only $800 bucks, sometime a bit cheaper if you search online a little bit and that is a steal considering what they could potentially do for your set-up and more importantly your success at the track.

Check them out at Proform Parts and give us any additional feedback on what you do to decrease that number on your time slips.

-The Janitor



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