Speed Parts Preview: King Engine Bearings HP Race Bearings


Engine building is as constant as it is changing and so is performance demands. Builders of high-performance engines face a variety of challenges in finding the balance between performance, durability and cost. Thanks

to its dedication to racers and builders, KING Bearing as a specialist for engine bearing applicationsand production offers its customers both off the shelf and custom solutions.

The HP series of the KING Bearing line-up is designed for blown, turbocharged, NOS, and alcohol-fueled engines using aftermarket crankshafts. These main bearings have greater eccentricity for superior oiling at high rpm, and a chamfered surface for large radii crankshafts. HP-Series bearings also feature large, chamfered oil holes—and are available in 1/2 or 3/4 grooving for improved oiling to withstand high-rpm applications and are developed mainly for drag race applications needing a material that is harder than the Babbitt top layer. These applications demanded a structure that could withstand high loads for short duration and still offer higher embedabilty and compatibility and developed the HP Series featuring the Alecular™ metal structure.

KING’s ability to meet the continuously changing and challenging demands of the racing industry with their unique materials and geometric features are a testament to the quality and reliability of their bearings, and reinforces their commitment to developing the ultimate race bearings.

If you would like more information about the full line-up of KING Bearings offerings, please visit them at – as for the crew here at Cars Illustrated, we will put them to the test in the 2018 season as we see just how much we can push the various mules at the local track…we gotta get the SBC stroker done sooner than later.

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