Speed Parts Preview: Edelbrock E-Street 2 EFI Systems


Ready to convert your V8 from a carburetor to a basic affordable EFI system? Then E-Street® 2 EFI is your best option. Most E-Street 2 conversions can be completed in a single day requiring only basic mechanical skills and minimal tools. No complicated manifold swap necessary. E-Street 2 utilizes our self-mapping fuel technology and E-Tuner Android App to simplify your tuning experience. Combine your E-Street 2 EFI with an Edelbrock Universal EFI Sump Fuel kit and you only have to reach under your vehicle to install the O2 Sensor.

E-Street 2 EFI’s new features include enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, refined base calibrations for a reduced self learning period, and a reworked throttle body with a true Carb look to help retain your vehicles classic under hood appearance. Another big change to E-Street 2 is the addition of ignition control. Ignition control has the capability to direct drive an ignition coil (optional Ignition Control Kit required), eliminating the extra expense and headaches involved with installing a CDI box. It also allows you to fully customize your ignition curve for ultimate power and MPG with in the E-Tuner App. Finally, E-Street 2 is now compatible with most Android phones and tablets, allowing you to use your personal phone or tablet to tune and monitor your E-Street 2 EFI System. Our E-Tuner App is available at no charge from the Google Play Store or the EFI support page for more info.

Features Include:

• Ready to run right out of the box with pre-loaded calibrations

• Self Mapping Fuel Technology…

• No tuning experience required

• System monitors Air Fuel Ratios and adjusts fuel calibration to continually improve engine performance as the vehicle is driven

• Optional Ignition Control…

• Capable of direct driving an ignition coil – No CDI box

• Adjust ignition curve with the E-Tuner App for optimal performance and MPG

• Auto compensates for altitude / weather changes

• Industry leading dedicated support staff

• Includes easy to use E-Tuner App that features…

• Bluetooth connectivity between ECU and Android phone or tablet

• Multiple control functions including two adjustable cooling fan outputs, idle speed, AFR set points, acceleration fuel tuning and optional ignition control

• Includes multiple dash display configurations for monitoring engine vitals and performance

• Compatible with most Android phones and tablets

• FREE from the Google Play store featuring auto updates

• Includes a fully assembled OEM quality wiring harness with pre terminated connectors and labeled connection for a simplified installation

The bottom line is we have tested, proven and beat the snot out of Edelbrock products for years and their EFI solutions prove to be no different than any other Edelbrock product – proven and durable…period

-the Janitor


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