Speed Part Preview: Fidazna CTS-V Clutch/Flywheel/Shifter Upgrades


If your weapon of choice is a Cadillac CTS-V and you’ve either given it the business a 1000 times over or you’ve bolted on a power adder, you might want to consider upgrading a few of the parts that helps it and you change gears, and get the power to the ground.

Enter our friends at Fidanza Performance…

Fidanza may have started their foothold on the design and manufacturing of precision adjustable cam gears, high-performance clutches and lightweight aluminum flywheels on SCCA Euro-cars in the 80’s, but since then their world has changed considerably…so have the cars and their needs. Using the highest quality materials, Fidanza is offering flywheel, shifter and clutch solutions for those who prefer Caddys, and a few cross-over GM products to do their business.

The flywheels are designed to feature excellent heat dissipation, strength and weight reduction – MSRP is $606.97 and will fit 2009-2015 CTS-V models and also can be used in the 2010-2015 5th-Gen Chevrolet Camaro SS, part number is #198171

If you’ve smoked that stock clutch in your 2004 -2007 CTS-V, 1998-2002 Camaro or 2010-2015 Camaro SS, Fidanza offers their performance clutch part number #698571 that increases clamp load over the factory unit by 61% and will keep you safe up to the 650lb-ft of torque level. Part# 698571 MSRP $874.05
Lastly if your looking to upgrade that factory shifter or the bushing is gone in the one you have now, and it feels like an axe handle in a parts box, Fidanza offers their billet aluminum shifter, part number 891130 for 2004-2007 CTS-Vs for the MSRP of $265.33

If you would like more information on these any of the great products from Fidanza, please CLICK HERE or give them a call at (440) 259-5656 Make note, Fidanza makes products for everything from GM, Ford and Cadillac to Audi, Acura and Nissan.  So what ever you are sending down 1320 feet of pavement they have solutions for you.

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