RPM Motorsports takes a 2016 Camaro SS and goes 10.00 @ 137mph


Ever hear that joke…

A 2016 Camaro SS with only a 100 miles on the odometer walks into a bar with receipts under his arm for Kooks Headers and exhaust, LPE ported heads and camshaft and a healthy dose of nitrous from Nitrous Outlet.

What do you get?

How about a 10.0 at 137mph on pump gas…

There is one thing that is constant in the universe…if companies like General Motors, Ford and Dodge keep building factory cars that are fast…there are people out there that will make them faster.

Congrats to RPM Motorsports and its only time before we see 9’s in a 2016 SS Camaro…if it has not already been done by the time we post this.


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