Rough and Ready


Rough and Ready

Words by Anthony DiPietro

Photography by Austin Akins



So you say you drive a real street car? Ladies and gents , meet Mark Barese, if you race anywhere in the NY/NJ area you’ve seen or heard of this car.

See , Mark lives in a busy small town in north central NJ and doesn’t have the room to park a trailer.  So what’s a dedicated gearhead to do? Cry and whine about how you’d do it if you just had the space? Nope, Mark just decided to build the bitch anyway and just make sure it was tough enough to tackle any crap NJ’s highways and backroads could throw at it .

I’ ve known and raced against Mark for over 20 years, and it never fails that usually the fastest car at any street event or bracket race is the rough silver Malibu that drove through the gate. With multiple combinations in it, this car is a threat to win any fast street car race and is consistent enough to win many bracket races. I’ve seen this car in a previous set up with a Pro-charged 540 motor in it drive all the way down to Atco raceway, unload all the tools and spares he carries onboard, run 8.45@ over 160 mph passes in the heat, load up all his shit and cruise on home .



After a few close brushes with the guardwall at Etown, Mark confided in me that he thinks the ‘Bu has reached it’s aerodynamic max at the speeds he’s running. Not exactly a swoopy car to start with ya’ know?

Currently running a 598 cubic inch big block with AFR heads on pump gas with NO power adders, Mark has been running 9.14’s at 146mph leaving the line on the bumper .

No time or money for fancy paint or wax jobs, just a well thought out combo in a tight chassis built to handle the mean streets of Jersey and get the job done.



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