Race News: Midwest Pro Outlaw Gears Up for 2018


Midwest Pro Outlaw class completes 3rd full season of exciting racing.

This class is a unique mix of fast cars racing on a 4.00 1/8th mile index.  The class was introduced in 2015 at Eddyville Raceway Park when Rusty Kramer, and ERP track owner Gerald Kramer discussed the need to have an affordable venue for fast cars that are not currently running or suited for the modern bracket classes. Kramer’s car was built with the intent to run with the UDRA, but about the time the car was completed that series was no longer an option. Desirable cars for the class are Pro/Mod, TA/D, TA/FC,  Fuel Altereds and Blown Front Engine Dragsters.

2017 was the first year the MPO took their show outside of their home track, and attended the Fall Nostalgia Race at Central Illinois Dragway.  Here is a look at the point’s results and teams that raced with the MPO in 2017.

1st  Rusty Kramer Trick-Tools.com Bruce Van Sant Crew Chief BA/D

The Trick Tools team gets ready for another run at ERP in Kramer’s self-Built, KB Olds powered Dragster. Kramer has run a best of 3.90 at 185MPH.  Bruce Van Sant has had a good handle on tuning the Trick-Tools car all year. Consistent runs netted them the #1 Spot.


2nd  Jared Micetich Advance Transmission Knoxvile, Iowa BA/D 

Jared is a veteran racer and one of the best cars in the series. Father Bruce Micetich is the owner of Advanced Transmission from Knoxville, Iowa. Solid runs in their B/AD netted them 2nd in points.


3rd Dan Devore Jasper County Speed Shop Racing Pro Mod 

Dan is the owner JCSS auto repair and has a first class Pro-Mod Camaro. Dan made big strides in ’17 running a 3.99 ET. Only the second ever door car to run under 4 seconds at Eddyville Raceway.  DeVore’s ride is one of the best cars you will find anywhere.


4th Roger “Radar” Lechtenberg  Nitro Madness!  Scott Gaulter Owner/Crew Chief.

Driving car owner/builder Scott Gaulter’s Nitro Madness Fuel Altered “Radar” is a legend racer from Iowa that has driven about every kind of Nitro car ever built. He is a two time World Fuel Altered Nationals Champion and a winner at the famed March Meet in 2015.  He was also the 2016 MPO points Champion.  Gaulter has one of the best teams in the Midwest.


Skeeter and Jim Hidy added some excitement to the class this year with the debut of their former Vern Moats TA/FC and also running the car as an Altered at select events.  Hidy was Runner up in the B class Fuel Altered Nationals at ERP 2017.

5th Jim Hidy Fire-trucker Brewery Crew Chief Father Skeeter Hidy TA/FC or A/FA


6th Neal Hinman      Neal the owner of Hinman Aviation has had one of the fastest cars in the group with his BA/D, but Neal is ready for a big change and the car in the other lane next year will be smelling the NITRO!  Neal is going all out building a Nitro Altered for MPO 2018!


7th John Welter Welter Auto Body Turbo Pontiac Pro Mod

The Body Shop owner drives an awesome all Pontiac Motor Turbo charged Pro Mod that just may be the “Burn out King” of the MPO!  John is a great showman and the car is very impressive.


8th Jeff Krug Obsession Racing Alcohol Altered 

Jeff has a great team with a great mission with their Donate Life, organ donor awareness message.  www.GarrettsPath.org   Jeff is having a blast driving his Fuel altered on Alcohol, Plans for 2018 are to go quicker and faster we are just not sure what type of fuel will be in the tank!


9th Dave Lowe CDL Electric Second Wind Racing BA/D    

Dave makes the trip from Kansas to race with the MPO and is working to sort out his new “Second Wind” car.  He has run well, but a few mechanical issues kept the team out of the hunt this season.  Dave and his guys will be back in 2018 ready to rock!


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MPO Drivers/Owners meeting getting ready for 2018!

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We look forward to race updates and action from all these great car in 2018 – the Janitor 


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