Project Street Beast (Part 1 of 3)


By: Anthony DiPietro

Welcome to my nightmare . No , SERIOUSLY . Why would a supposedly sane individual take a decent looking , good running street car apart and spend money he doesn’t have to make it faster , meaner and way more apt to get him in trouble ? It must all be a bad dream right?

  Yea right , we’re hot rodders , that’s the shit we all live for . So come along for the ride while i tear into my personal street car just to prove it can be done , it’s worth doing , and the pain and expense doing it is worthwhile . I HOPE . God please let it be worth it , I’m getting too old for this crap .


  First , a little background is in order . Despite having spent years building classic mopars , i’ve never learned to do paint or bodywork , hate rusty sheetmetal and hate paying to get it fixed .

That , along with inheriting my dads 1988 Fox body mustang to use as a bracket car led me into late model hot rods .After a bad divorce and finding myself looking at my 50th birthday with no street car a few years back i decided i needed a mean street car that i could put together quickly , relatively cheaply and not have to reinvent the wheel . Taking inventory of my spare parts i realized i had enough driveline stuff to build another mustang if i could find another body cheaply . So the search began for a bargain notchback or t-top coupe .As luck would have it , my buddy Andy and i had been building him up a pretty decent white 4 cyl 1987 notchback addition to his collection that he was burned out on . Since i had already helped build the motor , drivetrain and and most of the supension , and Andy and a friend had already laid on a pretty decent paint job , a bargain was struck , some hard earned cash changed hands , and all the parts i had sold him came back to my garage in the shape of a mostly finished hot rod .

First order of business was fine tuning the suspension which now features a complete Maximum Motorsports road race kit , with their liteweight k-frame , coil overs , springs and adjustable AGX shocks . We installed a complete 93 cobra disc brake system all around along with converting the car to a 5-lug wheel ,3.73 gears , installing a rebuilt and heavily fortified T-5 trans then adding 10th anniversary chrome wheels and sticky Nitto NT-05 tires and pronounced it road worthy .


The motor in this ride feature all the leftovers from my bracket car , its an .030 over 302 , now 306 c.i. , 9.7 to 1 pistons , aluminum gt-40 heads installed with Cometic MLS gaskets and studs and an old ford motorsports “e” cam i had laying around . Topped off with a tubular gt-40 intake and 42 lb injectors this little bullet managed to push the 3210lb coupe to 12.80 ets at 105 mph and was tons of fun in traffic and at car shows .

 Ah , but what hotrodder is EVER satisfied with “good enough ” ? Well certainly not I my friends . Like most car guys i have always been drawn to the idea of a blown street car , i’ve craved the sound of a boosted street car my whole life yet never managed to get there for myself . Well as maybe you noticed , we laid the groundwork here by using MLS head gaskets and studded head bolts to be boost ready .

fox-body_black_systemAnd finding out that Vortech had finally lowered the price on the black powder coated high output blower for Christmas along with the release of CXRACING’s air to air intercooler kit for fox body mustangs was the perfect storm melting my credits cards to the tune of approximately $4200 bucks 


While designed to fit behind the roomier bumper of a gt mustang i’ve been assured the intercooler kit “should ‘ fit behind the tighter bumper of my LX . Maybe ,……probably…..well…….hmmmm…


So , follow along as we try to install all these supposedly “bolt on ” parts on an already modded car in an effort to go faster for no reason other than we want to  .

Will it all fit under the hood or look like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag ? Will it run better ,faster or like crap ? Can i manage to tune the bitch?


Stay tuned , this could get interesting .


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