Project Cars: Winter Updates

Nick’s not worried about paint and will most likely show up at Street Car Takeover in Indianapolis May 5th in a mis-match of primer and the existing paint, but it’s what’s going on under that paint that will make it faster and that’s what counts.
On top of getting qualified for his NHRA license, Nick is planning to not only rewire the Malibu, but upgrade the cage and structure of the G-Body to be certified for 8.50s. “Maliboost” will be sporting the same 6.0 LS complete with turbo, THM400 and with the upgrades in chassis and weight, it should be consistently in the high 8-second range for the entire year….including as Nick put it “I plan to do a TON of grudge racing/no time events and maybe even some “closed course” racing in Mexico

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