Product Review: G-Force Camlock H-Type Harness Set


If you’re going faster than the posted speed limit on the street or trying to cheat the lights at the track, then you should know the importance of safety…there is zero reason for you to build that 500, 600 or 1000 horsepower straight line beast without making sure you have the proper equipment to keep you in one piece if something unforeseen happens.

Unfortunately one of the most overlooked parts of that safety concoction is proper belts, enter G-Force and their Pro Series camlock harnesses…we happen to have the perfect part at the perfect time. Our guy Chris Holmes was headed to Bradenton for the NMRA Spring Break race and at the last minute he noticed that his belts were out of SFI certification…see the image below this paragraph, and just in case you wondered – The SFI Foundation is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment – and lucky for Chris, yours truly-the janitor, happen to have a set sitting waiting for another car (yes, the blown up – still no motor ex-12.99 Camaro) so into the mail they went and you get what you see here – the what, why and how.

FYI: This is the quickest way to end your fun at the track – you fail inspection, you don’t race

These G-Force Camlock H-Type Harness systems use a lightweight case and quarter-turn mechanism. Each belt will rotate up to 40 degrees and move up and down 10 degrees to conform to the driver’s body and provide an extra measure of comfort compared to other camlock buckles and come in a five-point configuration with a pull-down lap-belt design.

The harness sets also feature premium, lightweight, non-slip aluminum shoulder adjusters with easy lift grips while the lap-belt adjusters utilize an anti-slip tensioner device. Heavy-duty drop-forged steel slide bars and bolt-on ends come already installed, but they can be easily removed if you prefer to mount your belts by wrapping them around a rollbar. Belt adjustment lengths are 10 inches to 75 inches for shoulders and 20 inches to 60 inches for the lap belt.

G-Force GFR-7030BK Camlock Harness Sets sell for around $320 a pair and like all G-Force harness sets, they can still be rewebbed and SFI certified after the expiration date….mostly we were just happy to get them out to Chris so he could tear up Bradenton and show off his new G-Force restraints….and in case you were wondering what the little yellow S197 runs? How about 8.30s at over 160mph so there was a damn good reason to make sure he had a set of quality belts.

For more information on the full lineup of G-Force Safety gear CLICK HERE or find them through our partner SUMMIT RACING by CLICKING HERE and tell them that Turbo Sally sent you…

-the Janitor


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