Product Preview: Wiseco Rolls Out BoostLine Connecting Rods


Yes, it’s true…Wiseco launched their new BoostLine connecting rods at PRI this last December, targeted towards high horsepower boosted and nitrous combos…But it’s the funny story that goes with this product preview that’s more entertaining than the information alone.

See everyone has their strengths and weaknesses – I’ve (being the Janitor) have always been very open about my automotive background – I’m a body and paint guy by trade, heck I started working in a body shop when I was 15-years old, mostly due to the fact that I hung around a body-shop in my hometown until they handed me the push broom and wanted to see if I would make it to work everyday…well I did, and before I knew it I was on my way to becoming a pretty decent painter….and yes, I’ve built a few engines along the way…most haven’t even blown up, then again, most have.

What does that mean to this entry?

When you walk into the Wiesco/BoostLine meeting at MPMC (Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council – simply put, it’s speed-dating for performance parts coming to market in 2017)  and you say the word “H-Beam” to the two guys (and gal) who are in the room waiting to talk about these products…they look at you in disgust like your flys open and your junk is hanging out….well after the quick tutorial on the new line of connecting rods from Boostline, I was up to speed and it’s this particular product that’s right in the wheelhouse of the Cars Illustrated family – high-line features and strength at a value price…okay, I’m hooked and wanna know more.

Wisecos new line of Boostline rods were engineering with a patent-pending 3-pocket design specifically for the internal loads added by nitrous, or forced air power adder applications making them perfect for today’s hi-performance engine builders on a budget, while providing 60% more strength compared to common H-beams – there I go… please don’t say H-Beam again

Nick DiBlasi, Global Automotive Product Manager for Wiseco had this to say… “The design of connecting rods hasn’t evolved much over the years” –  “The BoostLine connecting rods is a scratch design that takes the best attributes of an H- and I-beam rod and merges them into one. Even though the BoostLine rod is designed for heavy duty use, we were able to keep the rod relatively light without compromising strength.”

Check out this quick video from the guys at Wiseco….

Let us review – their strong, their light, their design combines the best of several proven techniques and a clean sheet design plus they won’t kill a two-week paycheck when you order a set…heck we want a set for the engine in the ’91 Z28 mule (what engine is that thing on now, the third SBC?), but if you want more info for your build? Check them out at http://www.wiseco.com/ and if you order some make sure to ask for Mark or Sean and tell them the guy who called them an “H-Beam” sent you.

Hopefully no egos or feeling were hurt in this product preview – I was just having some fun with friends in the industry – if you can’t have a little fun with your friends, who can you have fun with?

-the Janitor


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