Product Preview: Nitrous Outlet Challenger Hellcat System VIDEO


So there you are…all smiles and happy with your new Dodge Hellcat sitting in the driveway and you SHOULD be taking it to the drag strip to “let ‘er rip” and see what king of time-slip you can tear off…if you are good behind the wheel you should already be in the low 11s and if you tossed some drag radials on it you should be in the high 10s.

And if you’re like us…you can’t leave it alone.

Enter our friends at Nitrous Outet and their Mopar 2015+ SRT Hellcat 6.2L Hemi Plate System…our friend Nitro Dave launched Nitrous Outlet in early 2001 with the intent of providing customers with the highest quality nitrous systems and technical support in the world including the Stinger Plate we are running on the now defunct 12.99 Camaro.

Here’s what you get with the Mopar 2015+ SRT Hellcat 6.2L Hemi Plate System

  • Flow Up To 400 HP
  • Anodized Billet Aluminum Nitrous Plate
  • 400+HP Solenoids
  • Fuel Rail Adapter
  • E85 Compatible With Different Jetting
  • All Hardware, Electrical, Bracket, and Jetting Included
  • Includes Jetting for 50-100-150-200 HP

And as always “the proof” is either on the track or on the dyno, so turn up your speakers and enjoy…

Here is the digs…straight from the Nitrous Outlet website

Flow Up To 400HP – This system comes out of the box with everything you need to spray 200HP, but can spray up to 400HP with additional jetting.

Superior Atomization – This injection plate has 6 specially designed nitrous and fuel discharge ports that completely saturate the air intake charge with the best atomized mixture possible. For higher horsepower levels proper distribution into the air stream is critical for even cylinder to cylinder distribution.

Wet Nitrous Plate – This system includes a billet aluminum plate to fit the Dodge Hellcat supercharger snout and is capable of flowing up to 400 HP of nitrous. Each billet plate has a black anodized finish with CNC engraved logo and fuel/nitrous labels.

Vehicle Specific – The Nitrous Outlet Vehicle Specific Nitrous system is the safest, best fitting, and most tuner friendly system available.This system is designed specifically for the all new Dodge Hellcat with a , including an intake specific solenoid bracket, fuel rail adapter for aftermarket fuel rails, and application specific hardware for the best fitment and cleanest install on the market.

Complete System – This system includes all of the necessary components; billet aluminum nitrous plate, 50-100-150-200 HP jetting, hardware, and wiring to properly install a wet nitrous system on your vehicle.

Wide Open Throttle Activation – This system includes a wide open throttle (WOT) switch that only allows the system to be activated when the motor is at full throttle. This safety feature will help prevent engine damage and lean spikes.

Application – This system is specifically designed to fit 2015+ Dodge Hellcat Supercharger snout and has vehicle specific solenoid brackets.

And the results are…come on we had to get you to watch the video first, read the tech and wait to see the dyno results. On 93 octane pump-gas the stock 2016 Dodge Hellcat laid down 676RWHP and 641RWTQ, but after the system was installed the Hellcats 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI pushed some impressive numbers…814RWHP and 921RWTQ – thats picking up 138RWHP and even more impressive is the 280RWTQ you pick up – it’s that torque that will push you and your Hellcats 60-foot time down and well into the 10s once you reach the top end of the track – maybe into the 9’s with some slicks and a pulley?

So if you out there looking for a easy way to make a huge power addition and cut your et’s – Nitrous Outlet has a solution for you – check them out at Nitrous Outlet

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