12.99/$1,299 Update – Oh TPI how I hate you … let me count the ways.


Oh TPI how I hate you…let me count the ways.

A 12.99 Challenge update by Dennis Pittsenbarger


Okay, I really don’t hate Chevrolet’s Tuned Port Injection, but let me tell you it would be nice to not be messing around with fuel delivery problems and instead be wondering how to cut time off baseline time slips and headed to a 12.99 second ET.


At first, you’ve seen us mess around with, play with, or do what most would consider basic trouble shooting.  But, I think Mike said it best last night …”It’s time to stop the foreplay and get to f@cking”


With that said Mike was on it before I ever got to the shop today.  He swapped out the faulty fuel pump, and as I walked in to see what was going on, he had already had a fuel pressure gauge sitting on the car for a couple of hours. It was sitting at a healthy 45lbs of pressure and holding fine.  Time to do what we did not want to do, swap out the injectors.


And that’s where I must define and give accolade where they are due.  I sat at the computer looking up the best and most efficient way to tear down the TPI unit and replace the injectors, while Mike “Mr Mechanical Genius” already had most of the system broke down and directing me on what to do.  See it’s a matter of two things that are massively different between Mike and myself.


Mike is a gifted and intelligent mechanic who can see and decipher problems in a system inside or out of just about any car on the road.  I’m the guy who takes shit apart and then figures out how to make it work … hopefully.


Anyway, back to the Camaro … so we got the throttle body, throttle linkage excreta all disconnected, as well as the upper plenum.  Then, after some wiggling and a little elbow grease, out came the fuel rails.  Tt’s no surprise they are not functioning.  They looked like they had been dipped in gel.


And with that I think we are there.  We have fuel and the correct pressure, we have spark, we have air, but with the faulty injectors swapped out for the cheapest set we can find, we should be good.  But, that is the next story.


Anyone have a cheap set of injectors they wanna sell?




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