Off to the N.W.D.R.A. swap meet…


Fresh back from MPMC and still fired up to get the 12.99 Challenge Z28 assembled and running I decided to jump on the interstate for a quick drive up to the N.W.D.R.A. swap meet and take a peek around…

sw2As per the norm, I found myself sifting though parts boxes and examining various parts for the Camaro as well as other projects sitting in the shop and it dawned on me – are swap meets still the place to go for some great deals on performance parts?

Sure, you can click your way thought thousands of ads on eBay or the local Craigslist, but there is still nothing better than rummaging through parts in a egg crate hoping not to get tetanus or wandering aimlessly thought isle after isle of ten by ten booths filled with everything from treasure to trash – it’s the thrill of the hunt that I would still have to say the answer to my question is a authoritative yes.

I did find some $5 dollar headers, they started off as $20, then $10 and lucky for me the wife said $5 and get them outta here…plus some snap shots along the way to share with the Cars Illustrated readers – enjoy and please share your best swap meet find.



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