NX Stands for HUGE Horsepower


Words and Images by Tim Stockwell


What the Letters “NX” Mean to the Competition
If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times … there’s no better bang for the buck that nitrous for your toy.



No one knows that better than Nitrous Express, and we seem to see that famous “NX” logo everywhere these days including all over our favorite street racing show.  There’s a good reason so many racers choose Nitrous Express, and that is dependable quality and great customer service.




The guys at NX have done an amazing job putting together car-specific kits for true bolt-on installation, with literally every part included to add as much power as you could ever want at the touch of a button.  Cars Illustrated has obtained one of their three bolt LSx plate kits and plan to put it through a variety of tests.

This specific kit is quite impressive, coming with the capability to add from 50 to 350 horsepower, at the wheels! Plenty of extra power to get you where you want, or to go motor shopping.




This beautiful kit includes some of the nicest ‎billet solenoids we’ve ever seen, an NX exclusive aluminum Lightning 45 bottle valve, and a 6AN feed line!  Not your typical little 3AN or 4AN line and a scuba like tank that you’ve seen out there … that alone tells you the capability of this kit.


We opted for a few extras in our kit, just to further show off how much we like this this whole idea.  The first thing we added to our kit was a second bottle and bracket set.  We like the idea of two bottles in the trunk to keep from doing between race bottle changes, and just to look badass.  These bottles will each have NX pressure gauges, both have NX bottle heaters, and are equipped with a “Y” and all the lines to just close one valve and open the other to have a fresh bottle.  We also have the Nitrous Express purge kit, not only to show off but to bleed any air out of the line for the hardest hit possible.

We can’t wait to get this kit installed and start spraying “something” to it’s breaking point with both dyno testing and real world drag strip testing VERY soon……stay tuned!




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