From the Fabrication Table: Parachute Mounting System


Our guy Wesley Butler – you might remember him from his Street Stomper write up CLICK HERE – is like so many of us in the way that we don’t have endless budgets to buy expensive parts and pieces for our race cars…so what do you do?

Well, if your reading this and a fan of Cars Illustrated then you know it’s always a case of “going fast for no cash”…and that’s where this article comes up. See Wesley works in a local Fort Wayne machine and fabrication shop and will any big fab shop there is inevitably scraps laying around, left over from a larger job – we all have that barrel in the shop…well Wesley has access to a larger barrel than most and he’s made the most of it.

Now that his ’91 Firebird is done with the solid little SBC and pushing forward with a turbocharged LS motor it’s most likely a smart thing to strap on a parachute. Now you can go to any one of the big warehouse dealers or even your local speed shop, drop the Amex and walk out with what you need, but what if you like so many of us and that’s not always the option…enter “Pimpolicous Wesley” and his fabrication skills and his 10-east steps to fabrication

1. Put crazy hat on and think of an idea for something and sketch it out on paper.
2. Find some scrap metal to use.
3. Make a better sketch with sizes.
4. Cut metal out and drill all holes that are needed.
5. (If needed) bend parts.
6. Tack weld parts together.
7. Check to make sure that the part fits.
8. Finish weld everything
9. Install parts
10. Stare at parts and send pictures to all your friends
Finish Step: Send the photos to the Cars illustrated Janitor and he can post the finished products all ready for the chute to be installed….
We say job well done the Cars Illustrated way…going fast with no cash.
-the Janitor














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