Find new roads… by Dennis Pittsenbarger


Find new roads… by Dennis Pittsenbarger


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So what would you do in a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS?


Anything you can, will or have time to do … and that is the Cars Illustrated Magazine mission come this Monday as we’ll set out from Detroit on our way to Nashville as we laid out in our pervious news story – http://www.carsillustrated.com/cars-illustrated-road-trip-by-dennis-pittsenbarger/


But, this is where it’s crunch time for the fans of Cars Illustrated. Now, for whatever reason we decided to “be nice” and ask Chevrolet Communications staffers for permission to do all kinds of non-traditional road-going tomfoolery with the car. For a lack of better ways to say it, we got shot down.


Now for those who remember the “good old days” of Cars Illustrated you’re now wondering “what happened?” or “did you go soft on us?”. It’s not that we aren’t trying hard to give the fans of Cars Illustrated what they expect; it’s more of a situation of being able to do it more than once.


I’ve already gotten myself in trouble behind the wheel of a press car. Twice! This story got us in trouble with Dodge http://www.carsillustrated.com/drag-test-chrysler-300c/ and this one http://www.carsillustrated.com/drag-test-ford-f150-ecoboost/ has us “going straight to voice mail” with the boys at the Blue Oval. So, we’ve made the best of it, and we’ll keep asking. But, like the old days, we are already black-listed by a couple manufacturers. Go figure …


We’ll keep trying, but no matter what we say or do, it might be a while before you see a new Ford or Dodge in the Cars Illustrated fleet … or assign road tests to someone else …. but for now I’m not completely grounded.


So this is what we need you to do … be a part of this road trip. Comment, post, repost and get involved by asking us questions or sending us emails while we have this opportunity to get out on the road in one of the most anticipated cars in the history of the bowtie brand … the sixth generation Camaro.


So now it’s on you … and we like it that way.


We are all in this quest for performance together and now you can help. Follow the trip, join the forum, share the stories, be part of the social network and all of this will pay off. Trust me, this is only the beginning of Cars Illustrated climbing to the top of the vehicle test food chain and not being left out in the cold.


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