Somewhere in my garage is the tin I got from attending the first annual Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green…and it’s no surprise that yours truly even got into some trouble at the track – “no, we’re just gonna do a soft pass” as myself and a competitor pulled up to the starting line in a twin-turbo Nova longroof and ripped off a 9-second pass for video and as most know, tracks are not all that keen on a two passenger run at 150-some-odd miles per hour.

Well the years have passed and now the event is bigger than ever, but there was only one big problem…all of us on the west coast that are unable to drive or tow our rigs halfway across the country – well, your prayers have been answered.

Holley Performance Products set the date for LS Fest West for May 5th through the 7th at Las Vegas.

All the same events from the Kentucky event will be present at LS Fest West in Las Vegas in May – but quite frankly we could give a crap, the real reason we will be there is obvious…the massive amount of kick ass drag racing

From Holley’s Director of Marketing, Bill Tichenor….”We’ve heard from numerous LS enthusiasts out west how they would love to attend the event if only it were closer,” – “LS Fest West is our answer to these requests and will allow fans of the LS engine to experience the same kind of sensory overload that everyone has enjoyed for the past seven years in our hometown of Bowling Green, Ky.” – well, to that we say thank you to Bill and the whole Holley team for bringing LS Fest to the west coast.

You can sign up here – CLICK TO CHECK OUT LS FEST WEST and if you are not familiar with LS Fest, check out this great video our friends at Holley made to celebrate the 2016 event below – the Janitor


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