Editorial: The story of Caydin, his father and a ’69 Camaro – Part Two


If you happen to have read the first entry into following this build, or if you have not, here is the LINK to the father/son build of Ron and Caydin Mowens 1969 Camaro…one that has famed builder and hot rodder Ron Mowen from Vengeance Racing, and his son putting together his first car…well, it’s been a few weeks and after trading emails and lots of photos, we have the latest on the Camaros condition.

Ron told us “Car is still at body shop, working on lines and gaps, new doors, bumpers shaved and narrowed, drip rails shaved and smoothed…lots of good progress” and with that we leave you to check out the gallery of images they shared with us…and now we wait for the next round of updates.

-the Janitor


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