Editorial: The story of Caydin, his father and a ’69 Camaro – Part Three


Here we are again…

Following along with the build up of a 1969 Camaro is always good…following along with a story that all but guarantees a fantastic finish product is even better. To bring you up to speed here is the LINK to the start of this father/son build of Ron and Caydin Mowens 1969 Camaro…one that has us constantly sending emails to Ron requesting updates on the ‘Maro and we are happy to pass it along.

In the email Ron sent back he told us “no big update on Caydins car right now…waiting on Detroit Speed subframe assembly to arrive so we can install, hang front fenders, bumper etc for final fitment and body work” Ron also told us “We got the subframe Friday and are heading over to the body shop with it this weekend hopefully…I can shoot you some pics of the subframe and all of the associated parts and hopefully some installed pics as well” well, that was enough for us to pop another update the site and let those who know how cool this build is follow along with the latest and great images…

Thanks of the update Ron, we look forward to more…

-the Janitor



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