Editorial: The story of Caydin, his father and a ’69 Camaro – Part One


Sometimes you’re just lucky and sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time…this story-line and the followup stories that follow are a little mix of both…when we are not working on our own junk, populating the website or looking for Street Stompers to feature, we are surfing the internet, watching YouTube videos, and like so many of us we have our favorites…Vengence Racing is one of those.

Well, it did not stop there…I had looked up the owner of Vengence Racing, Ron Mowen on Facebook and sent the obligatory “Friends request” thinking maybe he will be-friend me, maybe not…well he did and that’s where the next page turns.

As most of us do…we swipe our way through the pages and pages of updates when we have free time and something caught my eye…Ron had posted on his personal page about the upcoming build of a 1969 Camaro – now that’s nothing new, and yes for some, its “just another 1969 Camaro” story , but this one is not only different…it’s something that makes you understand why so many of us work so hard, why we want so much for our kids and why, if your like me, you will do anything to watch your children go off into the world with the guidance, morals and structure that you have instilled in them as they take on the crazy world we all live in.

There is an easter-egg hiding in this photo – you can’t see it, but it could be the next story Ron’s family tells.

Enter Ron Mowen and his son Caydin…

Now Caydin is your everyday 14yr old all-American kid, all-star athlete in three sports, straight-A student for the last four years and for those not afraid to admit a little streak of jealousy has one pretty kick ass dad that builds some pretty kick ass stuff.

Now, I can almost read the minds of the casual reader…daddy’s gonna build little Mr. Nepotism a badass car and set him loose or the “rich kid” is gonna get whatever he wants…no, in fact it’s the exact opposite.

See about a year ago, Ron got approached by his son Caydin about what he wanted in a first car, what drivetrain, what looks and what he envisions in that fabled “first car’ so many of us wished we still had, and it was Caydin who already knew by watching his dads work ethics, his dad was there to help, not just write a check.

What purchase of a Camaro does not come with a interior full of random parts?

The car itself is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro they purchased from a local gentlemen just outside LaGrange Georiga after searching for the right starter car for several months and it was actually Caydin who had already been saving and working towards his dream that laid down 50% of the cost of the car and will continue to earn money and pay for half of the build process over the next two years, and without a doubt, Caydin will be involved in all aspects of the build….Ron assured us of that.

Now the car has already gone through a few steps to becoming Caydin’s dream car, including sitting currently at a close friend of Ron’s getting initial panel fitment/new hinges etc prior to them starting the build process.  Chuck and Alan Greer of Driven Collision (father/son team as well) located in Smyrna GA are doing the initial body work as well as final prep/paint that Caydin will be surely getting a little tennis elbow from with his part in the sanding and prepping for refinishing.

Now yes your right, with Ron Mowen as your dad, Caydin’s ’69 Maro was not going to pack a 230 inline and is being set up for a 700PH LS7 based 427 backed by a Tremec 6060 as well as full tubs hiding a 4-link set up holding a Ford 9-inch that you can be assured, as we were by Ron…”will be turned down quite a bit” when Caydin first hits the streets of Georgia…

For now, this is the end of this chapter in a story we at Cars Illustrated are honored to cover from start to finish, chapter by chapter…lets not forget that Caydin is 14yrs old so please follow along as we venture into this story over what could span a couple years…and we look forward to each time that email dings and we can share another chapter in Caydin and his fathers project with the world….

-the Janitor


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