Editorial: The story of Caydin, his father and a ’69 Camaro – Part Four


And again…

Once again we received some great images and updates from our friend Ron Mowen and his father/son build up of their 1969 Camaro…we never know where everyone is on this story so to bring you up to speed here is the LINK to the start of this great family affair.

The car was dropped off to Vengeance Racing just before the holiday season with the body work finished and ready for more mechanical updates – ones that Ron assured us that Caydin would be knee deep in during the entire build up.

All we can say is in looking at these photos you can see two very specific thing to make note of…A: Ron is a hell of a guy who puts his family first even while running one of the best high-performance shops on the planet and B: Caydin could be the single luckiest kid on the planet and we are okay with that.

Look for more as Ron told us the mechanical side of things is going to be moving along quickly and he should have another round of images and news soon – so until then please enjoy and check back soon.

-the Janitor


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