Editorial: 4th-Gen Bolt-On Thrash/Bash Part Two


By now you have seen the social posts of the parts, pieces and problems I’ve gone through to get the Z28 back on the road…then you know it’s no big story to be re-written at this point…so here is the images and video to back up that we are headed in the right direction. Post all of this craziness I’ll need to give you the breakdown on the parts themselves, but for now it’s all about looking, listening and praying I can get all the loose ends wrapped up by opening day.

Sad part is the first and only real time behind the wheel now that the car is road worthy is the one way passage to my garage to escape the rain and weather of the Pacific NW….uggg

Yes…you need video

and more video…

…at least one with a few swings of the tach

There will be tons more, but still playing catch up from SEMA – taking care of the family – working the full time job and making sure my daughter soccer team is ready for every weekend so hang in there and I’ll get the stories out as soon as I can….

– the Janitor


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