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0 $60,000 Test Mule

Frank Guerrero is your regular, hard working speed freak. He grew up on the tough streets of Chicago, learning to spin wrenches at an early age, and taking in an occasional off-track drag race whenever the opportunity presented itself. While passionate about older iron, Frank closely follows the newer, super-efficient musclecars of today. Life was good, working at a speed shop while Detroit kicked out the quickest cars in the history of the automobile. Frank thought he had it all.

0 Sam Nicastro Takes on the 12.99 Challenge

In 1987, Tony and Neil started screwing around with the idea of just how low can you go. Specifically, they investigated just how quick they could make a car go for the least amount of money – a tradition here at Cars Illustrated. The end result was the now-famous “12.99 ET for $1299” two-part series. In that effort, the guys taught a lot of us how to maximize an almost nonexistent budget.

1 Welcome Back To Cars Illustrated

In the fall of 1985, a new type of car magazine first appeared on the bookshelves of America. It was bold, brash, irreverent, and very, very different. Cars Illustrated, first published as the Schneider Performance Series from CSK Publishing, came into a market at a time when most car magazines were concerned with custom paint, chrome supercharger intakes, and car show detailing tips.