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0 Mean Green: Joe vs Pro Tuning

Ever seen a car you just gotta have? Well for my friend Rick it was this 2014 Gotta Have it Green Mustang. Already the owner of a 2008 dark green Bullit Mustang that puts almost 700hp to the wheels, he just could not resist buying this bright green sibling to keep it company. And, as all such stories go, while this was bought to keep as a “driver”, once the mod bug bites that bastard is persistent.

0 $60,000 Test Mule

Frank Guerrero is your regular, hard working speed freak. He grew up on the tough streets of Chicago, learning to spin wrenches at an early age, and taking in an occasional off-track drag race whenever the opportunity presented itself. While passionate about older iron, Frank closely follows the newer, super-efficient musclecars of today. Life was good, working at a speed shop while Detroit kicked out the quickest cars in the history of the automobile. Frank thought he had it all.

0 The Definition of FAST

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go back in time and watch the greatest supercars of all times go at it, heads-up, door-to-door to decide who has the fastest musclecar of all time? Well, thanks to the FAST Racing Association, you can.